Import Users

In the Collaborator is possible to import a list of users. To do this, you must prepare the file format CSV the following:

ИД;Фамилия;Имя;Отчество;Логин;Почта;Пароль;Дата рождения;Пол;Город;Подразделение;Должность;Метки
123473;Диккенс;Чарльз;;diccens;;111;16.10.1988;0;Ужгород;Отдел прозы;Писатель;новичок
123474;Митчелл;Маргарет;;mitchel;;111;31.03.1991;1;Львов;Отдел прозы;Писатель;новичок, драматург
123475;Чуковский;Корней;Иванович;chukovsky;;111;19.03.1982;0;Одесса;Комитет сообщества писателей;Председатель комитета;
123456;Достоевский;Федор;Николаевич;fedor;;111;30.05.1972;0;Харьков;Отдел прозы;Начальник отдела;кадровый резерв
123457;Толстой;Лев ;Николаевич;tolstoy;;111;04.09.1972;0;Одесса;Отдел классики;Писатель;кадровый резерв

In fact, so is given a table of values. The first row contains the column headers of the table. All other lines in the file - record in the table. Each cell is separated by a semicolon.

The file is encoded in cp1251 correctly opens any version of MS Excel and displayed in a table whose data can be changed.

Learn more about ways to edit a file, see. How can I change the import file


According to the data of the file is automatically created when you import new accounts in the Collaborator. The existing system of records for which the identifier (see. The first column of the file), will be updated.

Each user in the CSV-file can specify one or more labels (tags). Tags will be transferred to accounts in the Collaborator. They not only allow the user to mark belonging to any group, but also quickly find the right person for the specified grounds. For example, as labels convenient to use the names of educational groups and professions.

Separate attributes of user account is the city, Subdivision and Position.

The process of importing users

To import users to the system necessary load prepared file using the "Import users". It is enough to "drag the" the file on the specified button or pressing the select.


After the download completes new users will be added to system, and existing will be tested for the need to update and, if necessary, updated:


Regular updates

This import mechanism is used to synchronize user accounts in the accounting records Collaborator with personnel systems (1C, HRB, Frigate and others).

Rules import and update data:

  1. If in file will be a new employee - in the system Collaborator will be created a new account with the corresponding data.

  2. If in the file by the employee will change the data, such as name, e-mail, login, position, etc., the same data will be changed in the appropriate account in the system. User`s conform is installing with ID that is specified in the first column of the data file.

  3. If in the file "disappear" the employee, in the system user's account will be blocked. It will be unlocked when the employee will appear in the file. Conform installed by the user ID that is specified in the first column of the data file.

  4. Described processing system users will occur only with those who set ID (identifier for which synchronization occurs).


a) these users will not be locked automatically during import if there is no data about them in the imported file, and the data that user does not depend on matter what is imported;

b) if a user appears in the import file with your ID and it will have another username or e-mail, then the system will have a new account, and then one person will have two accounts - the old and the new. This situation will have to resolve manually

If you import new users will be added, the dismissed employees will be blocked, and existing personal data will be automatically checked and updated.

All changes in the re-import users are displayed in the form of an automatic message after downloading the file. Must make sure that number of the added changes in the import file coincided with figures in this report. If there is any mismatch, the more likely mistakes are made while editing the import file.


Import users working in sync mode. Suffice it to organize export data from these systems in a text file format CSV. This format is supported by almost all popular systems the personnel account.

All changes are stored in the imports protocol This allows you to keep track of changes in position, replace the divisions and change the personal data of employees. At any time the protocol as any other tabular data Collaborator, can be downloaded in the format of Excel:

unnamed (11).png

Details about the position, the city and the subdivision can always be seen in profile and on all pages of the system, where there is user management.

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