All tasks in the system are divided into Training that reflect the learning processes of users, and Work, which cover the functional responsibilities of employees


With the Working tasks you can:

  • give task,
  • assign responsibility for the execution,
  • assign deadlines and priorities,
  • to discuss the conditions of problem and fix a dialogue of communication,
  • track changes in the task status and monitor its implementation,
  • to transfer the task of process solutions among employees.

Access rights to work tasks are determined by the system roles:

- Manage work tasks
- Use work tasks
- Manage work tasks of subordinates

Settings Work tasks

Users with the ability to edit Work tasks have full access to the list of all tasks, including editing and deletion, and to the priority and status settings of work tasks. Tools Settings are in the menu Work tasks - Settings Work tasks. Settings allow you to create your own list of levels of priority and status for the work tasks. For each list item, you can specify the name and colors. You can change the order of items, the name and the color in the editing mode.

Color indication of priorities, status and deadlines tasks allows to focus on:

  • Problems with high priority;
  • problems that are near deadline execution;
  • Overdue tasks.


Filters for work tasks

The list of tasks is in the menu Work tasks - tasks. For users access to a list work tasks determined by the setting of permissions in the roles. The administrator with the right Manage work tasks can see the full list of Work tasts and can use all of the filters groups:

  1. For status:
  • Opened
  • Closed
  • All
  1. Assign Users:
  • Assigned to me
  • Created by me
  • All with my participation
  • All

Filters by status works regarding to the setting status of the work tasks. All tasks with a status that in the settings is marked as completed, will fall into the list of filter Closed. Not marked status will be in filter Opened.


All tasks that are currently assigned to the user will be shown in the list of filter Assigned to me. All tasks for which the user is the author appear on the filter Created by me. In the filter list All with my participation enters tasks in which the user comments and was previously assigned.


Creating a of work tasks

To create a new task, you need to press Create or go to the menu Work tasks - Create task. For a new task, you must specify:

  • Name (1) - required field;
  • Description (2) - You can add descriptive text in the editor;
  • Files (3) - the task can attach files of any format: jpg, png, jpeg, bmp, gif, svg, xls, xlsx, doc, docx, zip, rar, 7z, pdf, epub, swf, ppt , pptx, pps, ppsx;
  • block "Created" (4) - automatically determines the author's task;
  • block "Assign" (5) - the selection and appointment of the users to the task. Users can search by name or Email.
  • block "Task Properties" (6) - to indicate the priority of the task period and status. The priority of status and entered automatically (with respect to the elements of the list in the Settings work tasks - The default value is the first elements of the lists)


Emails for work tasks

For work tasks sending Email occurs when:

  • Assign of the work task
  • Change in the work task

After creating the task assigned user will be notified:


During the work on task, status changes and reassignment of tasks to another person, the useron whom currently assigned task and receive notification in the mail.


Work tasks for heads

- Manage work tasks - Administrator 
- Use work tasks - Administrator, Head, User
- Manage work tasks of subordinates - Head

Head with the right Manage work tasks of subordinates can assign work tasks to:

  • his immediate subordinate (determined by the organizational structure)
  • yourself
  • Administrator

Administrator with right Manage work tasks can assign work tasks to:

  • anyone in the system
  • yourself

Head with the right Use work tasks can assign work tasks to:

  • your immediate supervisor
  • Administrator

Users with the right Use work tasks can assign work tasks to:

  • your immediate supervisor
  • Administrator

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