Purpose and use

Wiki is designed to provide reference books, encyclopedias. Its functionality allows you to quickly create and modify content, creating an infinitely branched reference books and use cross-references in the text, which connect all the information in a single network.

Details about using Wikirefer to the section Guide to working with Wiki.

Technical aspects

Wiki is characterized by such features:

  • Ability to edit multiple text through the wiki-environment (website) without using special devices on the side of the editor.

  • Special markup language - the so-called wiki markup, which makes it easy and quick mark in the text structural elements and hyperlinks; format and design individual elements.

  • Accounting changes (versions) pages: the ability to compare and restore the earlier editions.

  • Display of the changes immediately after they are made.

  • Separation of the content on the named page .

  • Hypertext: links pages and subsections of the site with contextual hyperlinks.

  • Many authors. Wiki can edit all users of the system who have the right to "Manage wiki-pages."

In our Wiki is used marking Wiki Markdown.

We adhere to specification CommonMark.

Test the layout and check the result of processing input text for compliance specifications can be here - http://spec.commonmark.org/dingus.html

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