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Webinar is another essential user training tool added to the Collaborator system. Web conferencing takes place online and includes all important features:

  • viewing and monitoring the list of participants;
  • transfer of management rights from the moderator to the participants;
  • a multilateral video and audio conference;
  • uploading any office file or PDF file;
  • presentation of uploaded files for users, the ability to use the image editing buttons in online mode;
  • using text chat;
  • screen sharing of the presenter’s computer screen with the participants;
  • webinar recording

To conduct web conferences, use the open source software:

  1. BigBlueButton ( );
  2. eTutoriun (
  3. MS Teams (

Webinars in the Collaborator system are presented in a user-friendly and familiar format of training tasks. Creating and assigning users is also similar to other types of tasks.