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Functional Organizational structure designed to store information about the structure of the functional subordination of employees.

Organizational structure solves the problem:

  • Storage structure of nesting organizational units;
  • Determining the position of employees in this structure;
  • The definition of relations chief - colleague - a subordinate.

Each organizational unit appears as a folder . Each folder can be located other subordinate unit- folder the current or personnel department. The whole structure is represented as a folder tree.


Navigate through the units folders can be both using the folder tree, and with the help of the Content Browsing area on the right. Clicking on a title will open the contents of a folder in the preview area.

When working with the organizational structure there preserved the story of movements. The arrow buttons "Back" and "Forward" allowed to return to the previous location in the structure.


When you view the contents of the folder-department will be visible list of employees. The head of the list is highlighted in bold. His subordinates are all who are with him in the same folder and subfolders, if they do not have a leader.

Clicking on the last name will open the data, which will be displayed of the form "chief" - "colleague" - "slave." These links are automatically determined depending on the location of employees in the organizational structure of divisions and positions.


About data management organizational structure in more detail in the following sections:

Functionality related to the organizational structure:

Working with Users | Collaborator - Справочная информация и описание системы 2 | News