Using Collaborator users can send messages in the form of browser`s notifications.

Special configuration tool message templates can not only set the "stencil" notification text, but also select the method of delivery - to e-mail or use the browser's pop-up notifications.


Message text is formed using the template variable (for each template available their templates and spelled out in the "template variables" the right of the edit page), markups and your own text.


Available also an opportunity to test created a message template. To do this, use the Send a test email . A test message will be sent to the Email of the user which makes settings. All references, names, passwords, etc. that are used in message templates are replaced in test messages to the words Test word. Screenshot_1.png

Событиями, при которых автоматически отправляются сообщения, могут быть:

Event at which messages are sent automatically, may be:

  • course registration
  • occupation or job assignment,
  • password recovery
  • Answers at Forum

and much more.

011201ea4f9eb4d87f4e4205aa123b0a3a.png All sent messages are saved, and at any time, you can view them by using the "Journal of sent messages" from the "Reports".

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