News Module - is a simple and easy way to simultaneously report events to all users Collaborator.

This functionality is already used for announcements, notifications about actions and events, and more.

The information block on the main page displays the latest news announcements. Your users will see them immediately after logging in to the system and be able to go to the full view of the news that is they are interested in.

Comfortable news editor allows you to quickly and easily create eye-catching message. In the text of news you can use the formatting and inserting images and videos.


On the page “news management” you can see a list of all creatures in the news system, as well as add new ones, delete, and change desired settings:


In the process of creating news, except news topics and text, labels and attached images, you can also specify the desired date of publication:


On the page “News”, the user can see all the news published in the System.

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