Purpose and use

Knowledge Base (KB) is designed for the collection, storage and provision of information for the search query. KB provides indexing of accumulated information, setting permissions, and quick search. The search is extremely fast thanks to modern technology used.

This functionality will help solve the problem of the internal organization of the closed information base . With the help of the knowledge base solve the problem of the general organizations training.

The knowledge base available to the user whose role has the right “Users can see the knowledge base.”

The source of information for the KB can be:

  • Resources - allowed limited access to search and browse the resource with the use of Group resources and knowledge management tools. About the job with the resources discussed in detail on the page Resource management.
  • News - to find and view all available news stories. No restrictions on access.
  • Forum - to find and view all available news stories. No restrictions on access.
  • Wiki - to find and view all available news stories. No restrictions on access.

Search is performed on a given keyword phrase. The phrase can be one word or more. As a result, the search will generate a list of links to available information. Next to each link will display a symbol corresponding to the type of information (forum replica , the resource-article , a video file)and also will be shown excerpt of the contents in text of which are found matches with the key phrase.

unnamed (6).png

In the search results list in the first place will be a link on that information which most relevant request.

Search results can be opened on the proposed link. Additionally you can preview search results without opening the resource itself. It is enough to click on the button .

unnamed (7).png

Knowledge base management

Knowledge management involves the grouping of information resources, adding resources to groups and the definition of user access rights to these groups of information.

Management KB is available roles with the right “User can control knowledge base.”

Before adding a new resource in the Base it is determined resource group, to which it will apply.


Adding Resource in Group is performed with a search in their list and performing the action “Add” with every found resource. Everything has been connecting resources will be displayed in the list of the first line of the list and the background for them will be green. When searching, you can use the filters and sorting characteristics of resources. Deleting a resource from the group performed the action “Delete.”

For each resource group set access rights for a combination of User City, Subdivision, Position, Label. Only those users who have all these signs of, be able to find through searching the resources of this Group and view their contents.

Option “Available to all” includes unlimited access to the resources of the Group. If the option is disabled, then access is allowed on the condition:

(City1 OR City2 OR) AND (Subdivision1 OR Subdivision2 OR) AND ( Position1 OR Position2 OR) AND ( Label1 OR Label2 OR)


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