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Create the task with Complex test can in the menu Learning resources - Tasks.

Most of the settings and fields for creating other types of of tasks are available for creating of tasks such as Complex test, but there are several important new settings only for complex tests such as:

  • "Comply the order of the structure of complex test";
  • "The test is passed successfully if all themes are passed successfully";
  • "Threshold passing for themes, in %:";
  • "Number of questions:".

The fields to create a new task with Complex test:

  • Field Тype - choose Complex test from drop down list and than in the next field choose the name of complex test. There are only published test in the drop down list of the fields Complex test
  • Field Name - the required field for mane of the task.
  • Field Description - add brief description with useful information to users. It also can use for searching in the Task and My task.
  • Field Tags - add tags to the task. This is a separate group of tags that is used for all types of tasks, and visible only to the administrator .

Block “Date for the task” - the setting for limited execution of task by date. There are three variants:

  • not limited - by default setting, doesn’t limit the task by date;
  • … days from moment of appointment - measured in the number of days to complete the task. The countdown of days for the user starts from day when the task was assigned.
  • calendar period - the setting for limited by the calendar dates.


Block “Assignment mode” - task assignment mode setting.

  • assigned manually - it is the assignment of tasks by simple mood;
  • according to the rule of automation - it is the assignment of tasks according to the rules of automation. Choose the rules of automation from drop down list.


Block “Assessment of the task” - determine how to collect the test results when there are lots of attempts.

  • the result of the last attempt - the overall result that depend from last testing attempt;
  • the best result of all the attempts- the overall result that depend from the best testing attempts;


Checkbox “Comply the order of the structure of complex test” (1) - the order of all questions from tests will be saved when user pass this complex test. At the beginning of testing user can see all questions from the first test, than all questions from second test and so on. But admin can change the order of tests in the settings of complex test.

Checkbox “The test is passed successfully if all themes are passed successfully” (2) - determination of test results from individual test results, that included to structure of complex test. This settings related with setting Threshold passing for themes, in %:. All results depend from thresholds passing, that was given to each tests.If the result of testing is more then threshold passing in the setting, the general result will be successful and complex test will have status "Done". If at least one test has failed result, the general result of Complex test will be "Failed".

Threshold passing for themes, in % - to each test-themes are available thresholds passing. By default the Threshold passing for themes 0 %, but you can change the value from 0 % to 100 %. In the Complex test report all Protocols are saved - for general result and result of each tests.


Setting Number of questions

The Complex test - a set of questions from all tests, that was added to Structure of Complex test. But it is possible to change their number. To do this, use the setting Number of questions.

By default all questions are available, exhibited setting The number of questions - All


The number of questions - Give to each theme - possible to define a different number of questions for each of theme. After adding the setting, you can see a list with all test and field, where you need to specify the number of questions. The number of questions couldn’t be more than in the test.


The number of questions - Equal number from each theme - specifying the number in this setting, the number of questions of each theme will be the same.


The number of attempts (4) – by default the number of attempts is not limited, but you can permit it. When after finishing the last attempt Collaborator doesn’t allow to the user restart the test, but offer to send a request to the Administrator for additional attempt.

The time for testing (min.) (5) – allow to limit the time in minutes for testing. After finishing this time, testing will be completed.

Property Mode training (6) – user can see the result of his answer by clicking the button when pass the question of the test.

Property Mix answers (7) - when using it answers to the questions will be displayed to the user in a random order.

Property Skip questions (8) - when the user can skip the current question and answer it after everyone else.

Property Show for user how he answered on current question (9) - after answering the questions and clicking on the button “Next” the user gets information about the correct answer to the question.

Threshold passing (10) – it determines what percentage of the answers must be correct, so that passing the test was considered successful. Available only if the disabled The test is successful if successfully put all topics.

Transform result by scale (11) - Test results will be further displayed according to the selected scale

Allow commenting (12) - allows commenting of the task.


Состав комплексного теста | Руководство по работе с Комплексными тестами | Collaborator - Справочная информация и описание системы 2 | Прохождения комплексных тестов