Complex testing - is the users knowledge estimate for a certain amount of the studied material. The main different between simple and complex testing - the complex testing can includes the themes from different learning tasks, that was studied earlier.
Therefore, if you use this testing in the learning process, you will identify common user knowledge at the end of studying or passing a lot of courses, programs or another learning tasks.

The result of testing is common estimate for the all complex test and the individual results for test-themes, that belong to the general test. All results are available to the user after passing the task and to the admin in the reports. In depending on the task settings user can pass the task again and improve the result.

For creating the complex test in the system Collaborator was added new tools to the learning resources. The main parameter is “Composition” - the list of included tests. Each this test checks a specific training topic.
You can add to “Composition” any available test В “Состав” можно подключить any available test, determine its order (first, second, last) and change the name.

The complex test is used in the task and in the program.