To show Complex test reports need to open the menu Report - Complex test report
The complex test can be used
Complex tests can be used as individual tasks or to enter the program.

To select the desired task using filters:

  • (1) - filter to select the program. By default the value "All program";
  • (2) - filter to select the complex text by name;
  • (3) - filter to select report by task name. Together with the name of the task is displayed the date of the task creation and its number Id.

Schedule Overview success like “iceberg” and schedule Number of appeals to the complex test display information about the passage of complex testing.

Schedule Overview success is built regarding the status of test execution.

  • successful - the percentage of all users that have been successfully tested. The tasks status are "Done".
  • Unsuccessful - the percentage of all users that have been unsuccessfully tested.The tasks status are "Fail".
  • Outside learning - the percentage of all users, with the status of the test: Not started, Started, In process, verification.

Schedule Number of appeals to the complex test - schedule shows how and when users were tested. It begins from first appeals to the test. For information To obtain information for other period is necessary to set the filters in the table with users. The schedule Schedule responds to changes in the filters. It show two type of dates:

  • Number of appeals to the complex test - bar charts, that that reflect the amount of the opening test times;
  • Number of users - a line graph, indicating the number of users that have passed the test regarding dates.

When displayed table with assigned users.There is main information about users (photo, name, position, city, department,tags, dates) and results of task (status, result, number of attempt, individual results to each theme, link “Read more” that follows to general Protocol of answers)

(4) - there are results of individual theme reports in the Complex test reports. You can see Protocol of answers for each theme.


(5) - in the column Attempt number* is shown the number of all attempts. You can go to Complex test report, where displays information about all of the attempts and the current results.

(6) - link Read more opens general Protocol of answers.
In the Protocol of answers - parameters and test statistics, schedule for comparing the previous attempts, the table with theme result, general graph to all questions and results of each questions.