In the system Colaborator was created
В системе Colaborator a functional Closed topic. Closed topic intended for:

  • this topic and its messages are visible only to the participants;
  • the messages from this topic are not displayed to users in the Knowledge Base searching if they are not the participants of this closed topic;
  • All messages are saved in encrypted form, and even the system administrator, if he is not a participant, will not be able to read them even having access to a database;
  • The author invites participants to closed topic;
  • It can optionally allow members to invite other users to this topic.

All closed topics are marked with icon near the name


For creating closed topic in to form Create/Edit topic you need limit the access to topic: switch “Available all” - “No”. Then make a list of all users that will have access to the themes.
The setting Allow to invite users - adds to the topic block Invite to topic. If the setting is not set, only author can add or delete members to the topic.