Creation and carrying out training courses

Collaborator allows instructors and tutors to easily create courses using all types of teaching materials and methods for the control of knowledge. For these purposes, they can use these tools:

  • Learning Resources:
    • is any file - video, documents, archives, etc.;
    • is created with WYSIWYG-editor page;
    • a hyperlink to a resource on the Internet;
    • it is uploaded HTML-site;
    • a SCORM-course.
  • Tests.
  • Quest.
  • Forum.
  • Wiki.

The system of testing

Testing in the Collaborator has many options. For a process, you can use:

  • a time limit;
  • random or sequential issuance of questions and answer choices;
  • training mode with precheck answers;
  • different types of questions including the question with a free answer.

In a question or in answer choices, you can use different text formatting, pictures and video.

Knowledge base

Collaborator helps users to establish contact with the knowledge holders, promotes the exchange of experience and discussion of work tasks and their collective decision is optimal. Collaborator provides tools for organizing information resources, chains of communication, contact data users.

In the complex all the information in the Collaborator is combined into a unified knowledge base of the organization. This framework allows not only training, but also allows to organize the information environment, to solve production issues, retrospective analysis of precedents and retrieval solutions to pressing problems.

Online learning center

All courses, that made by instructors and tutors, Collaborator systematize by category. Users can choose courses for the training of the course catalog. Courses are different by type: with free access, access for the approval of the Administration, and prescribe a course that is not available for free registration.

Courses can be combined into programs that can be given the trajectory of learning.

Built-in tools Wiki and Forums enable collaborate between users.

Interactive reports

Collaborator allows you to record user activity and real-time monitoring of the level of their performance in different contexts.

In Collaborator implemented assessment of knowledge before and after training. The learning outcomes are presented in tabular form or using of infographics. They may be downloaded from the system for analysis in a comfortable format, such format MS Excel.

An effective system for collecting statistics allows to store information about user activity, to determine the criteria to compare it with fellow students on various aspects.


The system automatically posts for various events.

When there are various important events, such as the appointment of the job, admission to the course, etc., the system automatically sends a message to the users. Messages can be delivered by different: on e-mail, by SMS or by using the browser notifications

Export and import of resources, tests and courses.

Collaborator supports import various information resources, allows to realize the import of courses and tests in different formats. Any of these materials can be exported from the system to be used separately from it.

Widgets on the home page

Home page of Users may contain various interactive information blocks. Collaborator allows users to customize the home page to fit your needs by placing on it the required information blocks. These units, for example, applies a list of tasks for today, latest news, history and achievements, etc.